San Diego’s luxury high rise buildings compete to provide residents with everything they may want, from private screening rooms to full demonstration kitchens and rooftop pools to state-of-the-art fitness centers. Building owners also strive to deliver the very highest level of service to tenants and guests. Gourmet groceries, integrated technology, and personalized pet groomingare quickly becoming standards of luxury living.

One amenity has proven highly valuable in the quest to attract and retain residents: concierge services. A top concierge provider is trained to expeditiously handle any resident request, from the simple to the highly complex. Party planning, restaurant reservations, event tickets, schedule management, travel arrangements and errands are a few of the many tasks a concierge handles. Services are not limited to those requested by tenants; the concierge also coordinates corporate and community events such as blood drives, charity events, holiday events and more.

Concierge benefits for building owners and property managers

The benefits of contracted concierge services are substantial; top high-rise facilities provide them round-the-clock. For owners and property managers, a concierge service is an extension of the management staff. Residents appreciate the value of communicating personally and at their convenience with the concierge staff. Management is free to handle operations, marketing, maintenance and other corporate responsibilities. Superior quality-of-life amenities are critical for attracting and retaining top-producing residents.

Concierge benefits for residents

Many luxury high-rise residents are top business executives, and a 60-plus-hour work week is common. An effective work-life balance increases overall productivity. Handled well, concierge service programs provide tangible, quantifiable results while supporting clients by giving back the ultimate luxury: time.

Southern California concierge service


Concierge service in southern California high-rises runs the gamut from none at all to 5-star perfection. In Los Angeles, dedicated personal service for residents who require the highest standard of living is not negotiable. A small number of luxury high-rise residences there stand out for their dedication to service. The 8th and Hope building offers virtually unlimited personal assistance. The Ritz-Carlton at LA Live is known for private amenities offered only to residents, and that includes a dedicated concierge team. Not surprisingly, the unparalleled Carlyle Residences on the outskirts of Beverly Hills lists “24 hour white-glove concierge services” as its number one resident amenity.

Our goal at ELM is to provide service that rivals the service provided by these exclusive residences.

In San Diego, the most conscientious and attentive building managers understand that concierge service is critical, but many residences have yet to embrace this staple of luxury living. Where concierge service is offered, it generally does not meet the white-glove standards in demand farther north.

Standard concierge service does not reach the bar

Concierge service in San Diego is elusive. Where it is offered, it tends to be limited. Most high-rise residential buildings do not offer 24/7/365 service, and where it is offered, the services are generally limited to package acceptance, dry cleaning and laundry pickup/delivery, restaurant reservations, taxi and car service reservations, announcement of visitors, and other front-desk duties.

At ELM, we take extreme pride in our reputation as a concierge service industry leader. We can provide service where there is none, and enhance service where only the basics are covered.

Over the past 10 years Little Italy has grown into a lively neighborhood filled with cafes, restaurants, ice cream stores, pubs, art galleries, shops, hotels, and the beautiful Amici Park near the northern border of the district. Little Italy is also home to some of downtown’s best hair salons like Hyde Edwards. Unfortunately, Little Italy is behind the curve when it comes to personal concierge service. We have yet to find a residence there that offers it.


East Village is home to Petco Park and its “park at the park,” one of downtown’s nicest open green spaces. This district features a mix of high-rise and mid-rise buildings in a variety of styles. Residents enjoy this neighborhood’s central location, proximity to the Gaslamp District and trolley stations, easy freeway access and dynamic vibe. Residences with dedicated concierge service exist, but are hard to find.

San Diego’s Columbia (waterfront) District, neighbored by Seaport Village, the Manchester Hyatt Hotel, the Marriott Hotel and Marina complex, the San Diego Convention Center, and a series of beautiful public parks, used to be mostly commercial. In recent years it has seen mixed-use development, including a delightful variety of new high-rise residential buildings along Pacific Beach Highway. Some offer concierge service, but in a mostly limited fashion.

San Diego’s Marina District is next to the waterfront and Seaport Village and bordered by the Gaslamp and Columbia districts. It is characterized by its cleanliness and convenient location, and is home to many dining and entertainment venues. The Marina’s location, peacefulness, green spaces and supporting businesses make it a fantastic neighborhood for families, young professionals and retirees alike. Once comprised of warehouses and vacant lots, the Marina today is one of downtown’s most exclusive residential neighborhoods. Here, most high-rise property managers understand the value of concierge service, but not to the white-glove level offered by our neighbors to the north.

The Gaslamp District is home to more than 300 restaurants, including many of San Diego’s finest eateries and hottest bars and nightclubs. Variety prevails, with almost every kind of international cuisine and nightclub style on the list. The Gaslamp quarter is the urban adventurer’s ideal place to live with its dining, shopping, dancing and entertainment venues all within a tightly defined geographic range. Its proximity to San Diego’s best downtown hotels, convention center, cruise ship terminal and airport make the Gaslamp an ideal neighborhood for fun-lovers who seek a luxury living environment. Because of historic district building restrictions, many Gaslamp residences are small, low-rise communities; concierge service varies and tends to be limited.

ELM concierge service

ELM’s concierge service packages include key benefits, such as an extensive network of vendors and resources. For example, since we are frequently the top purchaser of tickets from group sales departments of major performing arts organizations and sporting events, we have access to hard-to-get tickets.

ELM offers creative and flexible benefit packages to support residents’ needs. No task is too great or too small. Our clients have access to our concierge team 24/7/365.


With high-level connections throughout San Diego ELM is uniquely positioned to provide 5-star concierge service. We operate on a highly personalized level and guarantee that clients will receive outstanding quality, every time. We exist to give our property managers and residents their most valuable advantage – more time with less stress.

ELM works alongside property managers and owners to craft a personalized experience that residents won’t soon forget. It is truly our pleasure to make dreams a reality.

Stay up-to-date in the world of luxury living by contacting one of ELM’s representatives today.


By Jessica Krantz

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