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We elevate our members’ lives by providing a fully immersive lifestyle experience dictated by the needs and wants of our members.


Our members are discerning individuals with busy lives, big dreams, and high expectations. Whether it’s for business or pleasure, our memberships are designed so that everything is catered to our members’ preferred level of assistance.

An ELM Concierge will be available to assist you at any time of day for requests ranging from luxury travel planning, exclusive experiences, and VIP access, to last-minute restaurant reservations, gifting, or simple day-to-day tasks. ELM’s expert concierge team, along with our vast supplier network, are an unparalleled asset in your life. We exist to give our members their most valuable advantage – more time with less stress.

We offer multiple membership packages to accommodate different lifestyles and corporate requirements.



Club ELM

Club ELM

Club ELM is California’s most exclusive lifestyle concierge membership.

Our invitation only club was designed by ELM with the bon vivant in mind. We ensure the highest levels of service and personalization, by limiting Club ELM to 50 memberships.

Members of Club ELM enjoy dedicated concierge service with their assigned Lifestyle Liaison who will be the single point of contact for all requests and queries. Lifestyle Liaisons are well connected individuals and connoisseurs of the many elements of global lifestyle available to Club ELM members 24/7 365.

In addition to bespoke lifestyle concierge services, Club ELM Members will stay apprised through private perks and personalized updates revolving around their passion points. From unique restaurant experiences, monthly newsletter and members-only events.



Metropolitan Assistance Network

Our exclusive MAN private membership was designed by Elite Lifestyle Management with the metropolitan man on-the-go in mind.

MAN offers unlimited access to ELM's team of experienced lifestyle connoisseurs for a monthly membership fee to assist with all requests and queries.

We specialize in every travel, leisure and lifestyle need that our members don’t have the time, inclination or expertise to do themselves so they can maximize their free time. MAN cardholders will enjoy unlimited access to the ELM Concierge from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. daily, with after-hours services available upon request.

ELM Corporate

ELM Corporate

ELM Corporate is designed for organizations wishing to grow a sustainable loyalty solution for their most valued and esteemed clients.

We work with corporate clients to better understand the needs of their business and develop a strategic approach that’s malleable to their clients’ lifestyles. From the busy traveler, the nouveau riche or the stay at home mom, a dedicated team of specialists will assist clients with requests such as: travel, dining, entertainment, retail, home and family. No request is too big to handle, our multilingual team develops and cultivates relationships with preferred suppliers from around the globe to assist in fulfilling and anticipating our clients’ needs at home and whilst away.

Our blue-ribbon lifestyle concierge service offers corporate clients the support and experience to develop engaging benefits and partner experience programs designed for long term brand loyalty. We work with clients to expand opportunities that captivate clients through lifestyle, human connections and emotional engagement.

ELM is supported by an in-house design team that ensures all client communications are white-labeled to ensure a congruent brand experience across multiple channels. Our team delivers monthly usage reports that offer detailed insight to help clients monitor, manage, and engage with clients. From premier bank card products, luxury retail to the automotive industry, ELM Corporate provides clients with an unrivaled experience.

ELM Office

ELM Office

The ultimate employee perk tailored to your employees’ travel, lifestyle and business needs.

ELM Office provides businesses with an unrivaled employee benefit and business advantage. We’ve designed ELM Office for organizations looking to foster employee retention and establish an enviable company culture.

Authorized employees will have access to a dedicated team of concierges that will assist employees 24/7 365 with requests such as: travel, dining, entertainment, retail, home and family.

Our team works hand in hand with personal assistants to ensure that all the bases are covered at home, away and en-route. Strong experience in the travel, dining and retail industries allow individuals to use ELM Office for both personal and business needs. From a dog walker during a business trip, flowers for an anniversary, to a power lunch reservation in Midtown Manhattan, ELM provides inimitable lifestyle and business support.

ELM Real-Estate

ELM Real-Estate

A distinct client offering for those rare + exceptional acquisitions.

ELM helps home buyers make the transition into a new home as seamless as possible. ELM Real-Estate is one of the most effective tools for attracting and retaining high-end residential buyers and commercial tenants. When showcasing a property to a potential buyer, including ELM’s concierge services brings the offering to life.

We’ve designed custom packages that include ground transportation and ELM Concierge at all of scheduled showings, offering expertise in elevating the lifestyle, not just the property. When a buyer moves in, Concierges coordinate every step of the relocation, from DMV services to expert audio/video or artwork installation.

ELM Residential

ELM Residential

Insider lifestyle at your doorstep.

ELM Residential is a unique membership designed in conjunction with ex-hotel concierges, to replicate the hotel concierge experience for residents of select luxury residential communities.

Our concierge team provides residents with a personalized experience tailored to their daily lifestyle. We develop rapport with residents and welcome dialogue to operationalize passion points and enhance the quality of residents’ daily lives.

From dry cleaning, auto detailing, to travel and dining, ELM Residential sets the bar for luxury residential amenities. Services are white-labeled and offered both on-site and virtually for authorized residents.

ELM Event

ELM Event

A special concierge for remarkable events.

We specialize in coordinating, designing and executing unique event experiences. Our portfolio ranges from 3,000 person destination conventions to small, yet memorable dinner meetings. ELM events enable our clients to fully engage with their audience through the planning, design and production of our live events.

Our team works with event organizers and coordinators to offer onsite support during events. From front desk support to coordinating logistics and experiences for event guests, ELM Event Concierge ensures that all guests are well received and tended to during their event experience. Whether you’re throwing a Birthday party, gala or the Christmas party of the season, you can be sure your event will be memorable.

We approach each event with a blank palette and work on your event as if it is the only event that matters. ELM Event Concierge is co-branded or white labeled to event specifications. Our experience with red carpet, wedding, corporate, art, food, wine and VIP events makes us California’s top choice for event lifestyle concierge

Our Mission

Our mission is to exceed your expectations. Always striving for perfection, our team is committed to providing the highest quality assistance so that you can reclaim your valuable time. Elite Lifestyle Management enables you to return to what is fundamentally important in your life and business.

Our Contacts

No request is too big to handle, our multilingual team develops and cultivates relationships with preferred suppliers from around the globe to assist in fulfilling and anticipating our clients’ needs at home and whilst away. Our team vets and certifies our service providers to ensure members rely on us with absolute confidence.

Our Team

Michelle St Clair
Founder & CEO
Olivia Haddad
Director of Operations
Justine Hunter
Finance & HR Manager
Kateryna Vasylyshyn
Director of Memberships
Our Lifestyle
North America
North America
North America


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While our member base expands throughout the United States, our headquarters is located in San Diego. Our office is open to the public from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday. Our team is available around-the-clock to assist members.



A concierge is available 24/7 365 to take your calls


    350 W Ash Street, Ste 102
    San Diego, CA 92101

    [email protected]

    +1 (619) 430-4470
    +1 (619) 430-4480


350 W Ash Street, Ste 102,
San Diego, CA 92101