A Family Concierge Service is the Perfect Solution for a Busy Family

At Elite Lifestyle Management, we believe in helping families thrive by giving them back the most valuable asset – time spent with loved ones. Oftentimes, life’s obligations make it difficult to focus on those who matter most. Work schedules and home responsibilities may be so taxing, that it becomes virtually impossible to carve out any time for family.

Family Concierge Services

Imagine this – it’s Friday 7 a.m. and your middle school student came down with a severe cold during a family trip to Italy. To make matters worse, your driver canceled last minute and now you are left to personally handle the chaos instead of enjoying your time overseas. You call the family physician for help, but due to the time difference, you are unable to reach anyone at the office. Finally, you resort to contacting local health clinics, but the language barrier makes it difficult to accomplish anything. You end up spending hours searching for an answer and making a stop at your nearest pharmacy to get a prescription from someone you’ve never met before. 

Fortunately, clients who take advantage of Elite Lifestyle Management Family Concierge Services no longer have to endure the burden of feeling overwhelmed by day-to-day responsibilities or emergencies. Our team of family lifestyle experts has a great deal of experience working with high-net-worth profile families and can guarantee complete confidentiality and discretion at all times. Our vast network of service providers is always vetted and guaranteed to provide excellent service. Our team is available 24/7/365 to answer any and all requests via text, call, or email.

Now imagine this – it’s Friday at 7 a.m. and you solve all of these issues with a touch of a button on your phone. Our dedicated lifestyle managers worked tirelessly to locate and secure a new driver, take your child to a vetted health clinic, and rearrange your travel plans around this emergency.

Family concierge memberships offer benefits beyond measure. These services can include the following: 

  • Routine healthcare appointments
  • Emergency healthcare visits
  • Event planning
  • Recruiting caretakers
  • Travel arrangements
  • Wellness appointments
  • Reservations for special activities
  • Weekly meal planning
  • Keeping track of your family calendar
  • Managing school visits
  • Booking fitness classes
  • Planning family weekends and reunions 
  • Hiring pet walkers and sitters
  • Sourcing tickets for concerts and sporting events
  • Relocation services
  • And much more

If you are interested in learning more about what Elite Lifestyle Management can do for your family, please email us at [email protected].