ELM Corporate is designed for organizations wishing to grow a sustainable loyalty solution for their most valued and esteemed clients.

We work with corporate clients to better understand the needs of their business and develop a strategic approach that’s malleable to their clients’ lifestyles. From the busy traveler, the nouveau riche or the stay at home mom, a dedicated team of specialists will assist clients with requests such as: travel, dining, entertainment, retail, home and family.

No request is too big to handle, our multilingual team develops and cultivates relationships with preferred suppliers from around the globe to assist in fulfilling and anticipating our clients’ needs at home and whilst away.

Our blue-ribbon lifestyle concierge service offers corporate clients the support and experience to develop engaging benefits and partner experience programs designed for long term brand loyalty. We work with clients to expand opportunities that captivate clients through lifestyle, human connections and emotional engagement.

ELM is supported by an in-house design team that ensures all client communications are white-labeled to ensure a congruent brand experience across multiple channels. Our team delivers monthly usage reports that offer detailed insight to help clients monitor, manage, and engage with clients. From premier bank card products, luxury retail to the automotive industry, ELM Corporate provides clients with an unrivaled experience.

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